Life’s too short to waste it all on upkeep and maintenance. Victoria Park offers you the gift of free time. How will you spend it?


Homes in Victoria Park are designed and right-sized for lifestyle. Which means less time cleaning. Or fixing. And our custom-level materials reduce your time-consuming maintenance obligations even further. Such as: Long-lasting fiber cement siding and metal roofs.

Outside, parks and greens abound. Big neighborhood lawns maintained by someone else. Your yard work gets reduced to doing the kind of gardening you enjoy in a space you can easily manage.

And commuting? Forget about it. We’re already there. Steps away from Thomasville’s historic Downtown and its near-endless choices for hanging with friends, enjoying gourmet meals you don’t have to spend hours preparing, even taking in a play or concert. Not to mention the additional convenience for those with a downtown workplace.

Time. It’s your most precious resource, reclaimed. So spend your weekends looking for things to fiddle with if that’s your passion. But don’t limit yourself. Here in Victoria Park, you’ve got more freedom to do whatever you’d like.